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Welcome to our website. Our Pawn shops & Title Loans locations in both Alabama and Mississippi have been in this industry for a very long time now & there is a very good reason why! We always give top dollar to each and every customer for their pawn or title loan! Our locations in Mobile & Theodore, AL have been serving customers since 2001. Our locations in Moss Point & Pascagoula, MS (Pawn Mart I & II) have been serving customers since 1970.  If you are interested in how pawns got started, here is a wikipedia link about it.

Whether you need quick cash from one of our Pawn Shops, or you have a vehicle with a clear title and need a Title Loan, we are here to help! Both pawn and title loan processes are quick and easy! You can even request a quote online prior to visiting one of our locations! Each Pronto Pawn location is dedicated to providing you with great customer service! All of our Pronto Pawn locations provide more than one service or product. Some common items we take in on pawn or buy outright are listed below: 

We also cash checks, buy Gold and Gift Cards. Maybe you would like to sell your item(s) outright to get some needed extra cash, we've got you covered. Come visit us today or Contact Us if you have any questions.

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Other Services We Offer

We buy Gold at Pronto Pawn.
We buy your unused Gift Cards at all Pronto Pawn Locations.

Pronto Pawn and Pawn Mart pawn shops buy and sell Gold & Gift Cards. We pride ourselves on giving top dollar for your Gold and unused Gift Cards. Contact Us today to find out more about this.

Pronto Pawn is proud to introduce our own person "Buy and Sell" site. It will continually be expanding to help you save money while giving you a place to shop or sell your own products. Check us out!